Ethics in Practice: Transferring Patients After Complications of Treatment
Lee D. Hieb, MD

To The Editor:

I read with great appreciation the Ethics in Practice article entitled “Transferring Patients After Complications of Treatment” (2003;85:1402-3), by Capozzi and Rhodes. There are several features of this problem, however, that the authors did not discuss. It needs to be emphasized that the transfer in this case was being attempted from surgeons at a private community hospital to surgeons at a university hospital. Years ago, a funded trauma system was set up under the supposition that physicians at university hospitals were more capable of taking care of high-level trauma patients than were physicians at small community hospitals. To a certain extent, this is clearly true. However, as the funding problems became manifest in the university systems over the last ten years, facilities such as mine in Yuma, Arizona, have been functioning more and …

Corresponding author: James D. Capozzi, MD Department of Orthopaedics Mount Sinai Medical Center 1065 Park Avenue New York, NY 10128

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